How To Play Game?


In the game the players get more playing experience with effective control, customize the tanks and prepare them for battle.

The game is a superb multiplayer io game in which player gets points with tank battle among multiplayer. In the game, you can destroy other tanks and this will help you to get more score. These points will help you to unlock more levels and advanced features tanks. The

How To Play Game?

As a player, you have to move around the map to gather all the necessary resources to improve your tank. You will start with a basic tank but with the improvement in progress you can enhance the strength of your tank by customizing it with different turrets and weapons and it becomes easy to design your tank as you want. The more tanks you destroy the more points you will get and which will make your tank stronger and powerful in game. When you attack other tanks then their pieces will scatter all around and you have to pick the important pieces to make some useful parts from them. game

What Are The Precautions Used in The Game?

  • If you want to play more and keep your tank safe then it is necessary to protect the core of the tank during the battle to survive more.
  • You have to select a unit and place it on the other tanks for attack and destroy them. You will need to update your tanks on a timely basis and to upgrade the tank you need more points in the game.
  • While collecting units make sure to collect wood units first because they provide protection to the core of the tank.
  • In the io game, you can also find alchemy lab where you can convert your all units into iron which provide more strength to your tank.

How Can You Get Different Units in The Game?

Your aim is always on to get the top of the leaderboard. In the game, you start with small turret and attack on small and big triangles which are spread over the map. There are different units in the game such as wood, iron, gold, diamond, and amethyst. All of the units have their different benefits to the player. The game is available on various online websites and apps where you can enjoy the best tank battle game.


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