Use Control For Effective Game


The aim of player in control game is always to get the top of the leaderboard and you have to begin with a small tank to understand all the procedure of the game and you can add many small and big triangles spread over the map. These triangles are used to destroy other units as a small triangle can destroy one unit and bid one can destroy two units at the same time.

You can get a lot of options such as basic defense units of most complex units but the cost of the unit is found below the image of the units. In the game, you can upgrade your units by a simple procedure, you have to just simply click on the unit and select upgrade. You can also select remove to get rid of the unit and enjoy the game more.

How Can You Describe Control?

There are many strategies and instructions are provided by the games to play the better game and enjoy it more. For the player who is new in it can follow this instruction to learn them and get the effective score in the game. Some of the instructions of control game are as follows:

  • arrow keys and WASD to move
  • move your mouse to aim
  • left click to fire
  • E key to enable autofire control

What Are The Different Units Of Games?

In the control game, people enjoyed a lot with a variety of units and parts included in the game. This game allows users to play with friend or online which will encourage them to make their tank more strong to destroy others and get more power. There are many units in the tank battle games and some of the important units are here:

  • Wood
  • Iron
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Amethyst

Why Use Such Units In The Game?

The units of the controls will beneficial to make the tank strong then other tanks and help to protect the core of the tank and also attacks to destroy the other tanks. Players have to upgrade their tanks time tri time to get ready for the battle and make sure to use all the effective strategies to survive in the game and win the game.


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